The Spark Story

          The Spark Box was born after Sara & Mackenzie noticed a gap in the subscription box market. There was a void of boxes available for mama and mini that were geared towards both education and wellness - two aspects of parenthood that are intrinsically linked.

          Here at The Spark Box, our mission is simple: support the wellbeing of families by providing carefully curated boxes that target a child's specific age and developmental stage, while taking care of mama and helping her feel her best from the inside out!

          All of our products, activities, and resources are hand-selected and research-backed to promote ongoing learning and exploration. We proudly source products from local Canadian brands whenever possible! We hope to help mamas feel comfortable and confident so that they can focus on building a strong and loving bond with their little one. After all, parent-child interactions are the foundation for learning and development.

We're so grateful to be on this journey with you!

Meet the Spark Duo


Hi, I'm Mackenzie

a mama to two tiny humans, and two fur babies.


Although, my first baby was my career. I like to consider myself a passionate marketer with an eagerness to learn and grow in a range of industries. For the past 6 years, I dedicated my time specializing in traditional marketing, branding, events and digital communication.


In 2019, when I had my first child, Aiden, my focus shifted to this new baby. However, my intrinsic need to remain creative persisted.


Perplexed with the inability to easily access developmental information, toys, and activities for Aiden, I took matters into my own hands and created sensory activities for him at home.
* cue the mess! *


I revel in mamahood and trying different products, toys, and tools to look and feel my best, for my baby. 


To be able to share with other Moms the tools, tips, and resources that helped me as a new mom, feeds my soul!


Hi, I'm Sara

a teacher of littles and a coffee enthusiast.

I have wanted to work with children for as long as I can remember. As a teacher, my primary goal is to build positive relationships with my students. Then (and only then!) can I help them to discover the joy of learning, develop confidence in their abilities, and bring creative ideas to life.


My interest in better understanding how I could foster specific learning skills in my classroom led me to complete a Masters of Education, with a specialization in teaching, learning and development. During this time, I explored the various factors rooted in the environment, which can either nurture or hinder learning (starting from birth).

I've met so many parents who've understood the importance of their child's early years but felt confused about how to best support development at specific stages.


I hope to share with mamas an understanding of how they can create experiences for their child that promote healthy social, emotional, and cognitive growth.

We would like to extend a warm thank you for being here during this exciting chapter. Your support means the world, and we are beyond ready to help make a positive impact in your family!

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