Coconut Trees
Coconut Trees

New Member Promo

This summer we're cranking the heat and offering all new members the choice between not one, not two but THREE options for an additional free product in your first box.

It's all about supporting local. 

Now, more than ever, it's so important to be supporting local brands. Our Summer Collection is full to the top with premium products to help celebrate the season and welcome the warm weather we've all been waiting for! What's better than a little customization, allowing you to curate your perfect Spark Box! And what's even better than that? This is in addition to even more exciting free gifts in your box. 

Explore the brands included in this promotion below and select get started to subscribe!


Little Sleepy Time

Pacific Coast Calm

Meet 'Little Sleepy Time', the newest addition to your little one's bedtime routine. Use before bed on chest, back and soles of feet to wind down after busy summer days.


Handmade with lavender and roman chamomile essential oils to improve quality and length of sleep, decrease the time it takes to fall asleep and gently (and naturally!) ease colic. 

Chill Out

Pacific Coast Calm

'Chill Out' is handmade in Vancouver B.C, Canada. A blend of 100% therapeutic natural essential oils, Bergamot, Orange, Lemon and Pink Grapefruit blended with fractionated coconut oil. Infused with amethyst.


Apply this blend to back of neck, chest, wrists, anywhere really. This uplifting citrus scent hits the spot; not over powering, but light enough to uplift your mood. 



Beekeeper's Naturals

Meet the answer to your chocolate prayers. Blended Beekeeper's Naturals signature raw honey with organic, raw Ecuadorian cacao to create the ultimate superfood spread! Get your spoon ready.

Wildly rich in nutrients, antioxidants, beneficial enzymes, and happiness-boosting compounds, this decadent pairing is a match made in hive-n! This Superfood Cacao Honey makes a great nut-free (and refined sugar-free) alternative to Nutella and other chocolatey treats.

Mamas Love The Spark Box

"I absolutely love my subscription to Spark Box! They always have great products that not only support a baby’s needs but a parents needs as well! As a new mom, it’s been great receiving developmental products and has been a great introduction to products that I never knew about before! I would definitely recommend Spark Box to my friends and family!"